The Winter of the Odd Ones (2011)


El invierno de los raros (The Winter of the Odd Ones Out) can be defined as a series of pictures that portray the evolution of 6 people during three days in winter. People who are undecipherable, nonconformist, vulnerable, “odd”, since they don’t understand what happens to them, they don’t get through with real life completely, and they don’t decide on taking charge of their destiny.

The film intends to reflect a feeling which surely everyone knows: that moment in life when we stop so as to think and feel what we are, moments when the weight of existence falls on us.

The fable is uncertain; we know the characters on the series of moments in present time literally, but we don’t know much about where they come from and where they go to. This opening-up has a double purpose. On the one hand, it intends to prioritize the transmission of an atmosphere in a narrative way; on the other hand, it intends to offer the audience the possibility of finishing the stories of the characters according to their own particular experiences. It is an invitation to make them feel part of the story, and perhaps, in this way, manage to get them finish writing it, and find their own answers.

Director: Rodrigo Guerro
Country of origin: Argentina
Year 2011
Genre Drama
Language Español
Running time:
110 min.
Shooting format: HD
Format 35 mm Color / HDCAM (English Subtitles)
Cast: Luis Machin (Fabián), Lautaro Delgado (Gustavo), Paula Lussi (Marcia), Maitén Laguna (Rocío), Elisa Gagliano (Sabrina), Fanny Cittadinni (Teté)

Director’s Biography
Rodrigo Guerrero was born in Córdoba in 1982.
From an early age, he assists to theater workshops for kids and adolescents in his natal city. In 2001, he enrolls in the School of Arts, National University of Córdoba (UNC), Córdoba, Argentina, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Cinema and TV Science in 2008.
He debuts in the Audiovisual Production field (Production area) and then starts generating his own projects as director/scriptwriter.
Some of his personal awards include: Selection to participate in the 2005 Talent Campus Buenos Aires; participation in the 2006 Script Clinic 21º Mar del Plata International Film Festival 2006; Cabeza de Vaca Award (‘Media Arts’ category) awarded by Spain-Córdoba Cultural Center (2006); selection to participate in the 2008 Script Station, Berlinale Talent Campus and X Colon Workshop for Emerging Latin American Filmmakers organized by TyPA (2009).