PANAMA CANAL STORIES captures, through the eyes of five directors, stories which span across a century. Men, Women and children who are influenced by the existence of the Canal, the event that changed the history not only of the country but the world.

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OrigIn: Panamá
Runtime: 106 Min
Language: Ingles / Español
Directors: Carolina Borrero, Pinky Mon, Luis Franco Brantley, Abner Benaim, Pituka Ortega Heilbron
Producerss: Ileana Novas, Pituka Ortega Heilbron, Pablo Schverdfinger
Script: Manolito Rodriguez, Alejandro Fadel, Martín Mauregui

Trailer Oficial "Historias del Canal" from Pablo Schverdfinger on Vimeo.

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A decade after the disappearance of his best friend and musical partner in the band they had formed together, Guille receives the offer from a label to finally release an album he had recorded with said band, which never saw the light of day. His friend Pablo tries to help him overcome loss and grief, and the release of an album of old recordings might well be the talisman that could help achieve that. Finally, meeting Luciana, who becomes a new member in the now reformed band, will make Guille’s feelings surface and his past wounds start to heal and remain locked in a box, or maybe a cassette tape.
vide de-poster

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Origin: Argentina
Color: Color
Language: Spanish (English Subt)
Runtime: 92 minutes
Director: Ezequiel Acuña
Script: Ezequiel Acuña
Cast: Santiago Pedrero, Ailín Salas, Matías Castelli, Julián Larquier Tellarin, Julián Kartún, Ignacio Rogers, Nicolás Mateo, Lucas Balducci, Martin Fildman, Martín Piroyansky

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LA GRANJA (2015)


In a forgotten area of Barrio La Esperanza a Barren Midwife, a young boxer, a fat kid with a bike, a reckless teenage girl, and a lawless bookie cross paths when their pursuit of happiness pushes them to the limit.


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Género: Drama
Duración: 90 Min
Origen: Puerto Rico
Idioma: Español (Subtítulos en Ingles)
Productora: La que te Hablé
Director: Angel Manuel Soto


Director of Photography: SONNEL VELÁZQUEZ
Production Designer: JOANNE TUCCI
Sound Design: EDDIE RIVERA
Sound Mixer: Luis Antonio “cheez” torres
Post-Production Supervisor: FRANCISCO CUETO
Unit Production Manager: LAURIE VEGA
Casting Director: NIKKI DALMAU


Lucho: Henry Osso, Bryan Fraticcelli: Marco Carlos Cintrón, Sara: Yulianna Padilla. Ingrid: Amneris Rodriguez, Rubén: John García, Fausto: Cesar Galíndez, Santito: José R. Rolón, José: Yusif Mafuz, Randall: Jafet Gabriel Ortega, Marga: Heyda Salamán, Ernesto: Eddie Díaz Rivera

La Granja (Trailer) from KAFILMS on Vimeo.


A Puerto Rican local, Angel Manuel Soto studied advertising and architecture. At an early age he began his career as a TV producer for a local network, and later moved to Art Direction at a local advertising agency. Angel later continued his pursuit in the film industry, directing his first short film “22weeks”, which earned him multiple awards and presentations including Cannes Film Festival, U.S. Congress and countries like Australia, Thailand, South Africa, New Zealand and South Korea.

His second film, “En la privacidad de mi hogar” earned various prestigious nominations for Best Short at the HBO Latino Film Festival and the Miami International Film Festival and was used as the Puerto Rican campaign against domestic violence. During that time, Angel continued to experiment in filmmaking by making countless music videos, including the breakthrough videos for Foglia, Domino Saints and Los Walters.

His third short film, “La Carta”, won awards on several festivals and was exhibited at Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Forward, La Havana Film Festival and Ridley Scott’s Your Film Festival. Recently Angel just got involved in the production aspect of the advertising industry, co-directing a NHTSA PSA in Austin, TX and directing for Latitude 18 Films. Some of his clients have been Gatorade, AT&T, DirectTV, Puerto Rico Tourism Company, Susan G. Komen, and Medalla, to name a few.

Angel also directed a short documentary, El Púgil, about the struggles of a young boxer in the slums of Puerto Rico. El Púgil was showcased in La Havana Film Festival and other festivals worldwide.

He currently completed his first feature film, LA GRANJA, which is on its way to the festival circuit, and a second feature film in pre-production, the dominican boxing drama, Golden Boys, to be shot in Dominican Republic. Angel also has a third project on the early stages of development.

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When a devout Spanish matriarch takes her family on a surprise Christmas trip to the far-away Prague, little do they know that she hides a crazy plan. A plan to switch the world famous statue of Infant Jesus, which is said to grant your wishes and which she believes has put a curse on her daughter. Her clumsy, audacious scheme will trigger a series of bizarre accidents, romantic encounters and small miracles that could only happen in the magical Christmas atmosphere and in the mystical “golden city” of Prague.Milagro en praga Poster

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Runtime: 82 min
Origin: Mexico & Republica Checa
Directors: Lenka Kny
Editors: Oscar Figueroa Jara, Michal Lánský
Photography: Juan Pablo Ramírez, Daniel Jacobs, Alexander Surkala
Script: Lenka Kny, Daniela Fischerova, Hana Cielová
Music: Michal Pavlícek
Producers: Edher Campos, Luis Salinas, Gastón Pavlovich, Regina Vergara, Ales Hudsky, Patrik Pass, Lenka Kny
Cast: Dolores Heredia,Aislinn Derbez,Josef Abrhám,Libuse Safránková,Radúz Mácha

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December 3, 2014
Comedy, Drama, Fiction

Sofia, 35, lives in Valdivia. She’s beautiful and vegan. She has two kids she loves, but still everything seems to go wrong. In need of peace since her recent separation from her husband, she decides to take a reversed veil of silence: no more cell phone, TV, Internet or reading for a year. But peace doesn’t occur. Following her example, her father leaves her mother. Her nasty sister comes back to Chile. Her kids become obsessed by meat. And Sofia discovers a disturbing secret about her dad.Voice over art

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Director: Cristián Jiménez
Country: Chile
Year: 2014
Language: Spanish
Runtime: 96 minutes
Executive Producer: Augusto Matte
Screenplay: Cristián Jiménez, Daniel Castro
Cinematographer: Inti Briones
Editor: Soledad Salfate
Sound: Cristián Freund
Music: Adam Waito
Production Designer: Olivier Laberge
Producer: Augusto Matte, Cristián Jiménez, Nadia Turincev, Julie Gayet, Nicolas Comeau
Production Company: Jirafa Films, Jirafa Films, Rouge International, Les Films 1976
Principal Cast: Ingrid Isensee, Maria Siebald, Paulina García, Niels Schneider
IMDb: link
Facebook: La vos en off

Director Cristian Jiménez was born in Valdivia, Chile. He holds a master’s degree in sociology from the London School of Economics. His films include the shorts Hong Kong (03), El Tesoro del los caracloes (04), and XX (06), and the features Ilusiones opticas (09), and Bonsai (11), the latter of which screened at the Festival. Voice Over (14) is his latest film.

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August 12, 2014
Comedy, Fiction, Romantic

Lucas (Martin Bossi) is a comedian who has weekly stand up comedy sessions with students from all ages, occupations and a strong oppinion with regards to technology and how we communicate nowadays! Among his new students is Guadalupe (María Zamarbide), an attractive young executive working for one of the most important search engines in the world and extremely IT driven. A love story begins and soon enough a clash of worlds will go viral hitting mass media like never before.

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Origin: Argentina
Runtime: 120 Aprox



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20,000 KISSES (2013)

August 12, 2014
Comedy, Fiction

Juan (Walter Cornás) is a thirtysomething with a boring life. Dedicated to his boring job, without hanging with his buddies in a while and simply overwhelmed with his daily routine and wife, he decides to separate and turn his life around. What will follow is a hillarious dive and increasingly so when his new co-worker Luciana (Carla Quevedo) flips his life upside down.

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Not available for Latin America
GENRE: Comedia Romantica
ORIGIN: Argentina
DIRECTOR: Sebastián De Caro
SCRIPT: Sebastián De Caro
CAST:Gastón Pauls, Carla Quevedo, Walter Cornás, Eduardo Blanco, Alan Sabbagh, Laura Azcurra.

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I AM MAD. (2014)

June 30, 2014
Documentary, Social Issues
Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.50.28 AM

“I Am MAD,” says the tattoo on Miguel’s back, and the assertion is double: he is M.A.D. (his full name is Miguel Ángel Danna), and he, as we’ll soon find out, is mad. The thing is, something happened when Miguel was a kid, a very close tragic event that left an indelible mark. Later, iguel would spend twenty years living in a secret sect, a community settled in the mountains, with his whole family. I am mad poster

Now, having left the sect and abandoned his projects of changing the world, he is confronted with his relatives and looks for his mother Ana and Mehir, his abusive guru, both of them fugitives from justice; while he tries to understand his father, his past marked by tragedy, and his present. Who is crazier? he asks: he who goes after his dream or the office worker with his asphyxiating daily routines?

Guided by MAD’s gaze, following him in his encounters with other characters from his life, ttending conversations and declarations of a disturbing sincerity, Tokman tries to reconstruct “the nstant in which Miguel’s reality was split in half”.

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Origin: Argentina
Runtime: 75 min
Format: DCP
Director - Baltazar Tokman
Producer – Miguel Ángel Danna
Cinematogrphy – Connie Martin
Film editing - Baltazar Tokman, Iair Michel Attías (EDA)
Sound - Guillermo Sempronii
Music – Lucas Martí

I am Mad (Trailer) from KAFILMS on Vimeo.

Tokman Baltazar was born on 12 November 1971, he spent his childhood between films, projections, rolls of Super 8 and 16mm in the workshop of his father Hector Tokman, who is recognized as his first teacher.
He studied at the career of Image and Sound Design (UBA). He intensified his studies with a postgraduate course during 3 years in the workshop of Jose Martinez Suarez cinema. It works in the industry since 1995. Directed and produced commercial, video clips, short films and programs for broadcast and cable TV. In 2003 he created her company casting “El Grillo”, which carries with made ​​to date, more than 3000 national and international advertising campaigns.

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March 1, 2014
Comedy, Fiction

Ivana Cornejo is a successful lawyer. She’s been divorced for three years, but shares the office with her ex husband who is also a lawyer and associate. After she loses her mobile phone, Ivana receives a call from the person who found it. It is León Godoy, an important architect with a very attractive personality, he’s charming, charismatic, a perfect gentleman and also divorced. They feel very attracted to each other during the chat and agree on meeting the next day so he can give the mobile phone back. But when he arrives she is in shock when finds out he is approximately 4.4 feet tall! From that moment on Ivana tries to overcome prejudice from society and her own fears to live moments which are definitely the best she’s ever had. Though the fact that Leon is almost perfect bother her a lot.corazon-poster

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Data Sheet:
Argentina / Brazil 2013 – Comedy – 104 min. – Color.
Director: Marcos Carnevale
Script: Marcos Carnevale
Producer: Mauricio Brunetti – Fernando Sokolowicz
Executive Producer Victoria Aizenstat
Production Director: Inés Vera
Photography Director: Horacio Maira
Art Director: Mariana Sourrouillie
Costume: Julio Suárez
Music by: Emilio Kauderer
Sound: José Luis Díaz
Editor: Ariel Frajnd
Cast:Guillermo Francella, Julieta Díaz, Nora Carpena , Jorgelin Aruzzi, Mauricio Dayub , Nicolás Francella, Maria Nela Sinisterra.

Film Festivals:
39 Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva
2° Festival Internacional de Cine de Hermosillo
8° Festival Tucumán Cine 2013

Corazón de León (Trailer) from KAFILMS on Vimeo.

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October 8, 2013
Drama, Fiction

Marcial starts a job as a night watchman at a factory’s warehouse in greater Buenos Aires. He’s a quiet, taciturn man. He makes his rounds at the deserted building carrying his flashlight and he watches the life of the neighbors from a window. Everything appears to be normal, monotonous and boring, until on Christmas Eve, Marcial grabs a gun, crosses the street and breaks into a house to kill Víctor.un paraiso para los malditos

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Origin: Argentina
Runtime: 84 minutos.
Format: 35mm y DCP.
Genre: Drama.
Director: Alejandro Montiel.
Cast: Joaquín Furriel, Maricel Alvarez y Alejandro Urdapilleta.
Crew: Director de producción: Matías Miller/Jefa de producción: Josefina Sánchez/Asistente de dirección: Luis Bernárdez/Directora de fotografía y cámara: Sol Lopatin/Directora de arte: Marina Di Paola/Directora de sonido: Jésica Suárez/Vestuarista: Soledad Cancela/Maquillaje y peinado: Ángela Garacija.
Productoras:Fenix Contenidos Audiovisuales,MyS Producción, Orlando Films y Patagonik.

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TAU (2013)

September 9, 2013

Gustavo is a biologist in his 50s who travels to the Wirikuta desert (Mexico) in search of plant specimens. Surrounded by strange events, and robbed of his possessions, he’s left alone to survive in the arid desert. Victim of dehydration and lost, Gustavo will have to confront its past and present when Hannah, his deceased wife pays him a visit.


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Director: Daniel Castro Zimbrón
Executive Producer: Sergio Autrey
Producer: Pablo Zimbrón Alva
Sound: Yuri Lagunes
Director Assistant: Maricarmen Mrino & Marcos Castro
Origin: Mexico
Runtime: 75 min
Photography: Diego Garcia
Art Director: Alisarine D
Cast: Brontis Joderovsky, Mariana Gonzalez,

TAU Trailer (2013) from KAFILMS on Vimeo.

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August 26, 2013
Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 4.18.36 PM

CASI TREINTA (Almost Thirty) is a hilarious romantic comedy which main essence is based on the maturation process that young people face when entering their thirties. When their options come to settling down and starting a family or pursuing and achieving what they’ve always dreamed of, even though this could become a risk for their economic and emotional stability.

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Origin: Mexico
Runtime: 105 min
DIRECTOR – Alejandro Sugich López-Arias
PRODUCER – Víctor Albarrán
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER – Alejandro Sugich, Beatrz Herrera, Jose Manuel Carrera Panizo.
PHOTOGRAPHER – Juan Bernardo Sanchez Mejia
ART DIRECTOR – Ricardo Davila SOUND DESIGNER – Frank Gaeta
WARDROBE DESIGNER – Adriana Pérez Solís COSTUME DESING ; Nayeli Mora
POSTPRODUCTION – Jorge Castellanos, Jens Kull
PICTURE EDIT – Alejandro Sugich, Diego Fenton, Aldo Alvares, Yibran Assaud
CAST  - EMILIO: Manuel Balbi – PAPA EMILIO; Gabriel Retes – CRISTINA: Eiza Gonzáles – REY: Rodrigo Virago – LUCÍA: Sara Maldonado – SID: Adán Canto – EL AGRI: Julio Beckhor – ABUELO EMILIO; Mario Almada – MAMA LUCIA; Claudia Ramirez – ANDREA; Libia Rangel – AL; Alfonso Aguilar.


September 7th, 1977. Ciudad Obregón, Sonora.

Producer, Director and Writer, Alejandro Sugich studied Economy with a specialty at Finances in Universidad de Sonora (UNISON). He studied English as a second language in the Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah. He worked for 7 straight years for Motorola Broadband Communications Sector in Nogales, Sonora and San José, California. He then joined in 2004 as a shareholder and producer of the 4charros Production Company located in Hermosillo, Sonora later on he acquired the entire company and changed its name to Sulafilms SA DE CV in 2007. He studied Scriptwriting in the faculty of letters in the Universidad de Sonora. He studied a one year program of Filmmaking and Photography in Los Ángeles, CA at New York Film Academy (NYFA). He also studied Production and Direction at UCLA in the program called “MicroBudget Films” Los Ángeles, CA.. He took the Acting for Directors Workshop under the prestigious actress and producer Judy Weston, writer of the book “Acting for Directors”, he also took courses under the ATLAS organization in Tax Incentives for film production in the U.S. and Latin America, among many other courses and trainings.


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August 25, 2013
Fiction, kids., TV

Pilo is a 10 year old boy who lives with his mother in a small house, located in one of the asteroids of the belt that surrounds a giant blue planet. Every night Pilo stares at the stars from his balcony, waiting for them to dissapear from the sky. According to his granfather, there is a machine that generates stars every night, and if one day it goes off and stars go blue, a member of his family will be the one to repair the machine. Pilo daydreams about the legend and looks forward to the day it comes true and real, so he can join his grandpa in repairing the machine. What he does not suspect is that when this happens, he will be on his own. This way, Pilo will experience a great adventure on his way to repairing the machine, so that the stars can go back to the ad infinitum. This trip will change him completely and for good, confronting the family destiny, becoming man and hero.

Argentina/ Chile - 2012 –Animation 3D – 80 min.- Color – Aleph Media S.A y Nuts Studios S.A
Executive Producer: Fernando Sokolowicz
Producers: Gonzalo Speranza Victoria Aizenstat
Director: Esteban Echeverria
Director 3D: Sebastian Sempronii
Animation Director: Pedro Blumenbaum
Sound Director: Guillermo Sempronii
Photography Directors: Gustavo Schiaffino y Lucila Heinberg
Art Directors: Ignacio Flores Aguirre
Tech Director: Javier Kondolf
Script Writers: Esteban Echeverria y Gerardo Pranteda
Music: Hernán Reinaudo
Cast: Lucila Gomez, Pablo Gandolfo, Valeria Gomez, Alejandro Outeyral, Marcelo Armand, Victoria Ramos

Festival Internacional Du Film D’animacion D’annecy


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Ciclo. (2013)

July 2, 2013
Documentary, Sports
ciclo image 2

May 1, 1956. Two brothers, Arturo and Gustavo Martinez, leave their hometown in central Mexico with the desire to cross the continent on bicycle. Eighty-two days later, they arrive in Toronto, not knowing this feat would change the entire route of their lives and of their family tree.

These two brothers are my father and uncle and ever since I can remember, this epic journey has formed part
of my family’s folklore. Fifty-four years later, Arturo and Gustavo -now in their 70s- retrace the same path, in an
exploration of memory, the cycle of life and the unavoidable passage of time.cicloartwork

Title Name: CICLO
Production type: Documentary
Year of Production: 2012
Country of origin: México
Runtime: 91min.
Language: Español, Inglés
Format: HD, 35mm y super8
Director: Andrea Martínez Crowther
Producers: Ozcar Ramírez González, Andrea Martínez Crowther
Executive Producer: Ana Paola Villegas
Script: Andrea Martínez Crowther
Photography: Carlos Arango de Montis
Editing: Andrea Martínez Crowther
Sound: Enrique Ojeda
audio: 5.1
Music: Yann Tiersen

Ciclo from KAFILMS on Vimeo.

Andrea is a Mexican-Canadian filmmaker with a Master’s Degree in Film from the University of Southem California. Her debut film,
Insignificant Things, was presented in the Zabaltegui Selection at the San Sebastian Film Festival and won the Audience Award at
the Biarritz Latin American Film Festival. Her second feature, CICLO (Fragua Cine/Arte Mecánica) was the only documentary in Carte
Blanche at the International Film Festival of Locarno and has been invited to be shown in film festivals across North America. Currently, Andrea has two projects in development: the documentary WALK as well as the fiction film FRAGILITY which received a rewriting grant and a development grant from the Mexican Film Institute and was selected in the Ace Mundus Program in Europe.

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The Great Pretender (2013)

April 4, 2013
Documentary, History
el gran simulador foto

René Lavand is a world-famous Argentinean illusionist specializing in card tricks. He creates his illusions with his left hand only, having lost his right hand in an accident when he was only a child. Far from letting himself be overcome by this incident, he devoted himself to master the sleight of hand and would turn into one of the greatest illusionists of all times.

El gran simulador poster
However, the power of his shows does not lie in his physical peculiarities but in the astonishing stories that frame his illusions and his masterful use of pause and silence as a dramatic element.
The Great Pretender is the warm, laid-back and intimate portrait of a unique artist who, at times, seems to lay his masks down and reveal his true self.

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Argentina / 2013 / DCP / Color / 5.1 / 75 min
Néstor Frenkel
Producer: Sofía Mora
Ass. Director: Federico Rotstein
Music: Gonzalo Córdoba
Art: Román Marotta
Visual Image & Camera: Guillermo Nieto – María Laura Collasso – Diego Poleri On line: Alejandro Nakano
Sound Engineer: Fernando Vega – Hernán Gerard
Video FX: Mario Pavez
Co-Produced with Carla Martínez y Daniel Werner

The Great Pretender (Trailer) from KAFILMS on Vimeo.

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Beirut-Buenos Aires-Beirut

January 30, 2013

Grace lives in Buenos Aires. One day her great aunt tells her a secret: Mohammed,Grace’s great grandfather, did not die in Argentina, but returned to Lebanon, his home-country, leaving behind the family in Buenos Aires.She says that she and her brothers, angry with his departure, cut off all communication with him, but that she believes there is another family, far away from them, which they have never contacted.
She hands her in a box with family pictures and letters written in Arabic that the man sent from Lebanon and nobody ever read.The two families, separated by thousands of kilometres and fifty years of silence, manage to re-establish the lost bond.

Director: Hernán Belón.
Producers: Grace Spinelli y Hernán Belón
Director of Photography: Lorena Fernández
Script Grace Spinelli y Hernán Belón
Cast: Grace Spinelli
Production: Sol Castro
Production Assistant: Camila Papiccio
Production & Logistics Libano: Antoine Helou y Sol Castro
Sound: Hernán Gerard
Sound Assistant: Alejandra Casal
Backstage en Libano: Daniel Papiccio

Festivals & Awards

- Festival Latin Arab, premio LAIFF del público “Mejor película documental”
- Aljazeera International Film Festival
- Lebanese Film Festival
- Festival Santiago de Compostela Amal

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April in New York

December 10, 2012
Drama, Fiction

An Argentine couple trying to survive in New York City. She maintains the economy of the house and he is dedicated to roam the streets with his best friend French. This situation reaches a limit where she decides to separate. Now they will have to learn to live more alone than before in this stunning city becomes hostile to them.

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Origin: Argentina
Runtime: 75 min
Written and directed: Martín Piroyansky
Director of Photography: Picky Talarico
Production: Martín Piroyansky y Ricardo Talarico
Cast: Carla Quevedo y Abril Sosa.
Director Assistant: Silvana D’Abriola
Sound: Harrison Webster
Camera: Steeve Cazaux y Mattia Mollini.

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November 2, 2012
Comedy, Fiction

Damián, Facundo, Luciano and Marcelo have been friends since childhood and they share the passion for classic rock and roll and vinyl records. Their relationship is also marked by other big subjects: friendship and girls. Therefore, when one of them decides to get married the four lives stir up. For all of them, love begins and ends. And just around the corner, loves is waiting for a new start.

Director: Gabriel NESCI
Writer: Gabriel NESCI
Origin: Argentina
Genre: Comedy
Run time: 118 min
Casts: Gastón PAULS, Fernan MIRAS, Ignacio TOSELLI, Rafael SPREGELBURD, Ines EFRON, Emilia ATTIAS, Akemi NAKAMURA, Carolina PELERITTI, Maricel ALVAREZ, Leonardo SBARAGLIA
Producer: Gastón ROTHSCHILD (Sudestada Cine), Ignacio REY (Sudestada Cine)

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Backyard Sessions (2012)

October 5, 2012
Documentary, Outdoor, Sports, TV
Screen Shot 2012-10-04 at 11.40.15 PM

Backyard Sessions is a documentary about people that lives, what for others are “extreme sports”, as something simple, as playing in their own “backyards”, whether is skiing, snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, skateboarding or fishing, everything in the place where they were born, where the know the nature as the context of their lives, and they interact with it with the simplicity and the strength of every breath.

Along with stories from the “old times” in the woods, this “coral western documentary” shows us the man becoming part of the nature. These are no professionals, in Backyard Sessions there are no helicopters, no supporting groups, no extra equipment, wherever they want to go, they have to climb and make friends with the Mother Nature. That’s the way this characters live, as for Santiago Charriere and his camera:

The hunger for the backcountry finds no limits.

Origin: Argentina
Runtime: 60 min
Language: English (Spanish subt)
Director: Santiago Charrière
Associate Producer: Agostina Pisano
Cast: Curt Clemetson, Dan Beyer, Andy Mill, Adam Ruiz, Derek Seurynk, Brian Sole

Participación en festivales

- Ushuaia Shh… Festival Internacional de Cine de Montaña, Argentina, 2012 (
- The 29th International Mountaineering Film Festival in Teplice nad Metují, Czech Republic, 2012 (

Santiago Charrière

Santiago Charrière was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 11th, 1986, studies direction and cinematography between 2007 and 2011 in the “Universidad del Cine” (FUC). At the age of 18, living in New Zealand, he had his first cinematographic experience, filming a 30’ documentary about surf, which he named “Late Summer Sessions”. Actually he works as an advertising director and lives in Argentina.
Santiago Charrière, in one way or another, was always in touch with extreme and adventure sports, he is an experienced snowboarder, and out of that pasion and his experiences around the globe is born the “Backyard Sessions”, his first feature film.

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The tree on the wall (2012)

August 24, 2012
Documentary, History

Jack Fuchs, with his lucid 88 years, is one of the few survivors of the death camps during the Second World War who now lives in Buenos Aires. Born in Lodz, Poland, was imprisoned for five years in the ghetto of the city and then transferred to Dachau and Auschwitz. After the war, at age 21, managed to escape despite the extermination of his entire family.arbol

Directed by: Tomás Lipot
Origin: Argentina
Year: 2012
Time: 75 min
Language: Spanish, Idish, Polish (English subtitles)

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Simone (2012)

August 21, 2012
Fiction, Gay & Lesbian.

SIMONE always dated women. Until she realized that she needed something more. This film that explores the concept of sexual freedom. A story surrounded by inner questions and uncertainties that call into question the convictions of the protagonist. Based on true events, SIMONE blends elements of fiction and documentary, plays with the theatrical creation and editing, creating a unique world, private and intimate.

Origin: Brasil
Runtime: 90min.
Production: Zapata Filmes
Associated Producers: Kiko Ferraz Studios, E-Frame Produção Audiovisual, Backstory, Terra, Promovere, Daniela Sallet, Alejandro Millan
Director: Juan Zapata
Screen: Maressah Sampaio, Edson Gandolfi y Juan Zapata Asesoría de guión Miguel Machalski
Cast: Telecchi, Roberto Birindelli y Natália Mikeliunas Dirección de Fotografía Pablo Chasseraux
Photography: Pablo Chasseraux Art Director Bernardo Zortea Production Paola Rodrigues, Farha Abdula, Fran Rebelatto and Clarissa Brittes Edition Nathália Silva and Kiko Ferraz
Sound: Anderson Chachá Amaral
Color: Grading Voltaire Barbieri
Sound Design: Kiko Ferraz Studio Music Luiza Caspary, Lucio Dorfman and Kiko Ferraz Executive Production Juan Zapata
Production Company Zapata Filmes

International Sales Agencies: KAFILMS & PROMOVERE


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3 Million (2011)

Screen Shot 2012-08-20 at 10.46.55 AM

In this joyous documentary about the passion of soccer, the iconic Uruguayan musician Jaime Roos and his (Dutch) photographer son reunite to embark on a “relentless journey” to the South African World Cup with the Uruguayan national soccer team. Full of emotion and infused with Roos’s exuberant music, the mix produces “infinite pleasure” for soccer and music lovers alike.

Origin: Uruguay & Sudafrica
Runtime: 135min.
Year: 2010-2011
International Sales: KAFILMS (New York)




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Before Opening Night (2011)


An artist couple living in suburbia face a crucial weekend. Joan (Erica Rivas), a popular actress and alcoholic, dayviews a major theatrical play. Roman (Nahuel Mutti), her partner, is a film director going though a rough stage creatively speaking, looking for themes and inspiration for his next film. Lili (Miranda de la Serna), their daughter, is the mirror that reflects the frustrations and joys of their parents.

Script: Santiago Giralt
Photography: Facundo Pires y Galel Maidana
Camera: Pablo González Galetto
Art Director: Diego Schipani
Production: M&S
Executive Producer: Mili Roque Pitt.
Producers: Mili Roque Pitt, Silvia Rodríguez, Santiago Giralt,
Érica Rivas y Federica Carol.
Associate Producers: Raw y lacuevadeloso

Antes del Estreno from KAFILMS on Vimeo.

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Strangers in the Night (2012)

Screen Shot 2012-06-26 at 1.50.59 PM

Martín (Diego Torres) and Sol (Julieta Zylberberg) are a couple of young artists in search of their destinies. Martín is a musician with academic studies who hopes to make a living with his classical compositions while Sol wants to be big as a Singer and lead an indie rock band. However, they are not satisfied with the gigs they are getting these days. They play at parties and venues and nobody takes them seriously.

Life, though, is not without quirks and seems to have taken them far away from their dreams. When she is about to sign her long awaited contract to be the lead singer in a band, Sol learns she is pregnant. Martín, at the same time, is dismissed from his job and loses his piano thanks to a tuner.

After all these disheartening events, Sol cannot seem to find a way to break the news to Martín. In order to postpone the “talk” about her pregnancy, she devotes her time to try to solve the alleged murder of the mysterious upstairs neighbor, dragging Martín along with her into a series of hilarious and messy situations. The detectives’ intrigues make an amateur partnership of detectives out of them who search for clues while they try to solve their personal problems.

When trying to solve the enigma of the missing neighbor, they will discover that nothing is what it seems, that your hearing can trick you just like your imagination and that your heart is a double-edged weapon.

Argentina – 2011 – 93 minutes – 35mm
Original title: Extraños en la noche
Genre: romantic comedy
Filmed in: 2011
Release (Argentina): April, 5 2012
Director: Alejandro Montiel
Script: Daniel Cuparo, Alejandro Montiel y Mili Roque Pitt
Cast: Diego Torres, Julieta Zylberberg, Fabián Vena, Ludovico Di Santo, Laura Conforte, Alexia Moyano, Ángela Torres, Betiana Blum y Daniel Rabinovich
Executive production: Mili Roque Pitt

Strangers in the Night from KAFILMS on Vimeo.


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El Gran Rio (2012)


Hiding in the propeller of a ship, David, a young Guinean rapper known as Black Doh, arrives as a stowaway in “Maradona’s Land.” He left his friends, family, and his mother behind back in Africa, never to see them again. He now sings in a mix of French, Soussou, and Spanish. Years after he left his hometown, David’s first album reaches Africa. A film that moves back and forth between South America and Africa reflecting routes and roots, clashes and encounters of cultures.

Director and scriptwriter: Rubén Plataneo
Director’s assist: Julián Alfano
Production: Rubén Plataneo, Gúdula Meinzolt
Co-production: Céline Loiseau
Executive Production: Virginia Giacosa
Production chief: Leila Ledesma
Production’s assist: Tomy Viú, Leonor Reeves
Production in Guinea: Bafila Films-Gahite Fofana, Algassim Bah
Cinematographer: Martín Frías
Camera: Rubén Plataneo, Martín Frías
Additional Camera: Guillermo González, Lionel G. Rius
Sound: Santiago Zecca, Fernando Romero, Algassim Bah
Editing: Milton Secchi, Marina Sain
Image Postproduction: Alejandro Nakano
Sound Postproduction: Gaspar Scheuer
Script Consultant: Roberto Barandilla
Graphic design: Germán Arese
Music: David Dodas Bangoura- Black Doh


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Tincho (2012) – Kids TV Show


The story takes place in a small town, located in a beautiful landscape set amidst nature. All characters are animals and each one of them has a different occupation. ‘Villa Serena’ (Serene Town) remains always calm, except when one of its dwellers loses his or her working tool… this triggers a series of events, which will settle down once the tool is returned to the character it belongs to.

There is a ‘Lost Objects Letter Box’ in town. Every single day, ‘Tincho’ (the postman) is in charge of collecting and delivering the object that was placed there. Thus, ‘Tincho’ sets off in his journey throughout ‘Villa Serena’ making sure he can find the object’s rightful owner and therefore restoring peace and calm in the whole village.

‘Tincho’ will constantly ask questions to himself… ‘What is this tool used for? Who can use it?…’ By doing so, he will create a unique interaction with the young audience helping them out to uncover all mysteries while learningabout different crafts and occupations at the same time (and always followed up with a closing theme song).

‘Tincho’ is an educational and joyful show which proves that learning can indeed be fun!

Español >>>
Tittle : TINCHO
Genre : Animation
Direction : Esteban Gaggino, Marcela Ruidiaz
Lenght : 13 min ,
Episodes : 26
Year : 2012
Co-Production : Focus , Paka Paka chanel

Tincho 2012 (Kids TV Show Preview) from KAFILMS on Vimeo.

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The Inner War (2012)

Nearly thirty years after the Falkland Islands conflict, a group of Argentine War Veterans return to what once was the battlefield. The largest group of veterans to ever return since the 1983 conflict experience an overwhelming feeling to reconcile with the past. Together they will overcome a past that held them hostage for many years, their memories.

This documentary takes viewers on a journey of profound intimacy. human beings struggling to overcome a painful past. A message of hope that keeps them going. Mobilized by their desire for harmony and respect for their fallen comrades, they encourage the possibility of remembrance without hate, and protest without revenge.

For those who went to war and returned home, life becomes sacred.

Argentina -76 minutos – HDV – 16:9
Produced by: Alejandro Gatti y Sebastián Mega Díaz
Director: Alejandro Gatti
Origin: Argentina
Subtitles: English
Editor: Sebastián Mega Díaz
Production: Alejandro Gatti – La Grulla Films – SMD films
Music: Emanuel Salgado
Colaboration: Horacio Castro

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Errata (2012)


Ulises wakes up one morning and his girlfriend Alma is gone. She has vanished.

From that moment on Ulises begins an intense search that drives him to discover some dark and hidden aspects of Alma´s life. The persistent memories of their moments together bring some clues that lead Ulises to inquire into Professor´s Viñas life and his obsession with a Borges´s book. The sudden appearance of Bianca, Alma´s twin sister, accelerates the circumstances that drive Ulises to commit a crime, in the desperate will to see her again.

ERRATA is a combination of an author film and a genre film. A modern and fast noir thriller, narrated in a completely anachronistic and defiant way, shot in black and white. The continuous time shifts and the particular scene compositions help creating a particular aesthetics that is both realistic and fantastic at the same time.

An errata is a mistake in print or manuscript, it’s a trick, a search, a love, an investigation, a fraude within a fraude, a love within a love, love for books, ideal love, love that doesn’t exist, a unique book, a fantastic story, unrepeatable, like love, like Erratas.

Data Sheet
Director: Iván Vescovo
Producer: Jerónimo Quevedo
Script: Fernando Regueira
Length: 77 min.
Subtitles: Ingles
Photography: Emiliano Cativa
Sound: Manuel De Andrés
Directors Assistant: Sofía Camdessus
Artwork: Lules Fiorenza / Fabiana Gallegos
Film editor:Sebastian Mega Diaz
Production Co: Campichuelo Cine & Universidad del Cine
Cast: Nicolás Woller, Guadalupe Docampo, Claudio Tolcachir, Vanesa Gonzalez, Arturo Goetz, Federico D´Elía, Boy Olmi, Martín Piroyansky, Ezequiel Tronconi, Avian Vainstein, Carla Quevedo.

Director´s notes:

An errata is a mistake in print or manuscript.
This film is an investigation. A police investigation, but it goes much further. It is also a love story, an idealized love. A young man that can only think about finding out what happened to his girlfriend. Although he doesn’t actually know her, he thinks he knows who she is. During the investigation, he starts realizing that he doesn’t, that nothing is what it seems. Characters are also erratas. She is Alma, although we can’t really know. She is also Bianca. But in reality, who is she?
This film is the story of a robbery. The robbery of a book. An edition of a Borges’ book that contains a very special errata, that changes the whole meaning of a phrase, of the thoughts of this great author, and making it worth a lot of money for collectors.
The film itself becomes an errata, where characters are led into error by lies, or they lie in order to induce others into error. Everyone tricks each other until the last moment.
This film is timeless and the wandered spaces are anachronistic. The city is Buenos Aires, but it could be any other city. The country is Argentina, but it could be any other country.
Concluding, Errata starts getting into the Genre, but it also uses an aesthetic that is at times realistic and at times fantastic. It is drawn out from a precise timing, it’s contemporary but there is no need to know exactly when it all happened. The character’s search leads him to places where he needs to put his body, where first of all, there’s a need to know.
An Errata is a mistake in print or manuscript, it’s a trick, a search, a love, an investigation, a fraude within a fraude, a love within a love, love for books, ideal love, a love that doesn’t exist, a unique book, a fantastic story, unrepeatable, like love, like Erratas.

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DIABLO (2011)


A depressed former champion awakes. He´s tired, a bit out of shape, and his conscience is drilling him. His career as a boxer ended abruptly when he killed his rival with one single punch. That´s why Marcos Wainsberg, the Inca of the Sinai, wants to quit fighting. But today is not the day to be thinking about that. Today his ex girlfriend will come, in peace. Today is a good day. But the doorbell rings and the person at the other side is his cousin, Huguito, the black sheep of the family. And Huguito always brings trouble. Family-sized trouble, of course. Today can be one of those days when everything changes. The only thing that is left to know is whether it will be for good or not… Diablo is an atypical film, to say the least. Regurgitated from the very insides of genre cinema, its furious and corrosive progression leaves you breathless, but also provokes a remarkable morbid pleasure with its accumulation of scenes featuring violence, black humor, and a pure, hardcore swagger. We should point out that its visual rawness may seem excessive for sensitive viewers.

Argentina, 2011
85´ / HD / Color – B&W
Directed by: Nicanor Loreti
Screenplay: Nicanor Loreti, Nico Galvagno with the collaboration of Martin Blousson and Javier Diment
Cinematography by: Claudio Sabino Beiza
Edited by: Martín Blousson, Nicanor Loreti
Art director: Sandra Iurcovich
Sound director: Seba González
Music by: Mauro García Barbe
Produced by: Hernán Findling, Nicanor Loreti, Nico Galvagno
Production company: Boikot Films
Starring: Juan Palomino, Sergio Boris, Luis Aranosky, Vic Cicuta, Leandro de la Torre, Kato, Lorena Vega, Jorge D’Elia y Luis Ziembrowski

WINNER: Opera Prima Award INCAA 29009, Kodak Cinecolor Award for the Best Argentinian Movie Festival de Mar del Plata 2011

FESTIVALS: Official Argentinian Competition, Mar del Plata 2011; World Directors Series, Boulder Colorado, USA; Fantaspoa 2012 Official Selection (May 2012)

Diablo Teaser Trailer from KAFILMS on Vimeo.

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The Compass is Carried by the Dead Man (2011)


Chencho is a thirteen year-old boy who wants to cross the Mexico-USA border, and arrive to Chicago to reunite with his older brother. On the road he meets an older man who dies shortly after inviting him onto his wagon, with the compass stock in his hand.

Almost-surrealistic characters add to the scene: Eufemia, Chelo and Marina, three paid-mourners who just buried the last man in town; Wachinton, a crippled man who moves through the desert in a super market cart; Gutierrez, a soldier who accidentally killed his General; Lucas, a one-eyed boy with a lame dog, addicted to electric shocks; and Rogelio, who was shot for stealing goats… when goats are the ones following him.

All of them have nowhere to go, but also no reason to stay. So they join the wagon heading north, guided by the hand of the dead man who is starting to rott.

Director: Arturo Pons
Producer: Ozcar Ramírez González
Year: 2011
Runtime: 111 min
Format: Video HD [DCP | 1.85:1 | Dolby 5.1]
Origin: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Cast: Gaél Sánchez, Pedro Gámez, Ana Ofelia Murguía, Bertha González, Vicky de Fuentes, Marco Pérez, Horacio García Rojas, Eulalio Nava, Alexandré Barceló, Hansel Ramírez, Eligio Meléndez, Luis Vayardo, Alberto Estrella

Awards / Festivals
- Selección Oficial, Tokyo International Film Festival 2011.

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MOACIR (2011)

Screen Shot 2011-11-25 at 9.55.32 AM

Moacir is Brazilian and an Argentine citizen for the last 25 years. He is semi-literate and despite possessing no formal musical training, is bearer of an amazing talent for singing. Moacir is made of music. He also talks a lot, eats a lot, dance a lot, laughs a lot, everything in him is “a lot”. That is why he have spent much of his life locked up in mental institutions. At age 65, with a psychiatric diagnosis of “paranoid schizophrenia”, Moacir seemed to be a typical case of chronic patients. However, after 15 years of hospitalization, is granted freedom and leaves the Borda Psychiatric Hospital.

This story follows his passionate journey to fulfill her greatest wish, recording an album with themes of authorship (which were lost for over 25 years). The artist and musician Sergio Pángaro will follow Moacir’s Journey. All this and much else will happen while fighting the ghosts of madness and marginalization, a journey full of fanfare, singing, dancing, fighting, chaos, humor and charm.

Director: Tomás Lipgot.
Producer: Nadia Martínez
Year: 2011
Runtime: 75 min
Format: Video HD
Origin: Argentina
Language: Spanish (French & English Subtitles)
Script: Javier Zevallos sobre una idea de Tomás Lipgot
Original Music: Moacir dos Santos, arreglada por Sergio Pángaro e Interpretada por el grupo “La lija”

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MOLES (2011)


A post-apocalyptic universe.
A metropolis of two societies.
On the surface, a regime that isolates the individuals in elite.
A whole city scraped in the underground, where survival is the only law. Up and down don’t merge. Yet the Mole will climb up to fulfil his dreams.

Director: Emiliano Romero
Country of origin: Argentina
Year: 2011
Genre: Fiction
Language: Spanish (English Subtitles)
Running time: 100 min.
Shooting format: RED ONE 4K | Finished: “35mm & HD”
Format: HD
Cast: Lautaro Delgado, Leonor Manso, Gabriel Puma Goity, Mauricio Dayub, Osqui Guzmán, Pompeyo Audivert, Ludovico Di Santo, María Figueras, Dalila Romero

Trailer TOPOS La película from Emiliano Romero on Vimeo.

Brief Director Biography
Emiliano Romero (1979, Buenos Aires, Argentina).
In 2003, he got his 5 years degree in Film Direction
at the Universidad del Cine. He wrote, produced,
and directed more than 25 shortfilms, which succeeded in
more than 100 international film festivals. He won 25
awards, outstanding: the special mention of the
young jury in Clermont-Ferrand. He was selected
for the Berlinale Talent Campus 2006 and the
Buenos Aires Talent Campus 2005.
Now is finishing his first Documentary “Sarah”.

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OLYMPIA (2011)


Olympia narrates the story of an 18 years old aspiring porn star. Who, after starring couple amateur videos, enters the mainstream industry in her first major title, which includes a scene with 16 other men. Different personalities from the Rock, Fashion and Porn Universe are to accompany the 18 years to become a renown pop culture star.

Runtime: 78 mins
Genre: Drama
Format: Digital
Origin: Argentina
Cast: Mercedes Moran, Edda Bustamante, Lolo Fuentes, Mercedes Inigo, Mora Escola, Maria Nela Sinisterra, Karina Noriega

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The Winter of the Odd Ones (2011)


El invierno de los raros (The Winter of the Odd Ones Out) can be defined as a series of pictures that portray the evolution of 6 people during three days in winter. People who are undecipherable, nonconformist, vulnerable, “odd”, since they don’t understand what happens to them, they don’t get through with real life completely, and they don’t decide on taking charge of their destiny.

The film intends to reflect a feeling which surely everyone knows: that moment in life when we stop so as to think and feel what we are, moments when the weight of existence falls on us.

The fable is uncertain; we know the characters on the series of moments in present time literally, but we don’t know much about where they come from and where they go to. This opening-up has a double purpose. On the one hand, it intends to prioritize the transmission of an atmosphere in a narrative way; on the other hand, it intends to offer the audience the possibility of finishing the stories of the characters according to their own particular experiences. It is an invitation to make them feel part of the story, and perhaps, in this way, manage to get them finish writing it, and find their own answers.

Director: Rodrigo Guerro
Country of origin: Argentina
Year 2011
Genre Drama
Language Español
Running time:
110 min.
Shooting format: HD
Format 35 mm Color / HDCAM (English Subtitles)
Cast: Luis Machin (Fabián), Lautaro Delgado (Gustavo), Paula Lussi (Marcia), Maitén Laguna (Rocío), Elisa Gagliano (Sabrina), Fanny Cittadinni (Teté)

Director’s Biography
Rodrigo Guerrero was born in Córdoba in 1982.
From an early age, he assists to theater workshops for kids and adolescents in his natal city. In 2001, he enrolls in the School of Arts, National University of Córdoba (UNC), Córdoba, Argentina, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Cinema and TV Science in 2008.
He debuts in the Audiovisual Production field (Production area) and then starts generating his own projects as director/scriptwriter.
Some of his personal awards include: Selection to participate in the 2005 Talent Campus Buenos Aires; participation in the 2006 Script Clinic 21º Mar del Plata International Film Festival 2006; Cabeza de Vaca Award (‘Media Arts’ category) awarded by Spain-Córdoba Cultural Center (2006); selection to participate in the 2008 Script Station, Berlinale Talent Campus and X Colon Workshop for Emerging Latin American Filmmakers organized by TyPA (2009).

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A Train To Pampa Blanca (2009)


it’s the story about a very particular train. A children’s hospital train that for 30 years has been giving medical assistance with volunteers in the most needed Northern areas of Argentina.
We travel most of the country, through various landscapes to reach and discover how people live in Pampa Blanca, an extremely humble town, located in Jujuy, where its revealed to us stories that are born from human being’s essence.

Director: Fito Pochat
Photography: Antonio Seijas y Lucio Bonelli
Origin: Argentina
Language: Spanish (English subtitles)
Runtime: 79 minutos
Year: 2009

Festival Awards:

New York City Downtown Film Fest, 2010 U.S.A Best Documentary Award***
Jam Fest Louisiana 2010 U.S.A; Platinium award feature documentary***
American Int. Film Fest, Michigan, U.S.A. 2010 Best Historic film award***
Digital Int. Film Festival, Chile 2011 Best Documentary Award***
Philadelphia Ind. Film Festival 2011, U.S.A Best Foreign Film award***

Festival Screenings:

Docupolis, Barcelona, October 2009 Spain
Sao Paulo Int. Film festival, November 2009 Brazil
Tasvir Film Festival, March 2010 Iran
Tiburon Int. Film festival, March 2010 U.S.A
Seattle Ind. Film festival, June 2010 U.S.A
New York City Int. film festival, August 2010 U.S.A
Sydney Latin American Film Festival, September 2010
Pyong Yang Int. Film Festival, 2010 North Korea September 2010
Los Angeles Downtown film festival, September 2010 U.S.A
Iranian Film Festival September 2010 U.S.A
Chagrin Falls Documentary Film Festival October 2010 U.S.A
Louiville’s international film festival, Kentucky, U.S.A October 2010 U.S.A
Ismailia film festival, October 2010 Egypt
Iasi Film Festival, October 2010 Romania
Vistas film festival, Dallas 2010 U.S.A
Chileanreality Doc Fest 2010, Chile
Oaxaca Film Festival 2010, Mexico
Saint Louis Int. Film Festival 2010, U.S.A
London Latin American Film Festival, 2010 England
Boston Latin American Film Festival, 2010 U.S.A
Festivus Film Festival, Denver 2010, U.S.A
Irish Latin American Film Festival, Dublin 2011, Ireland
Capital City film festival, Michigan, 2011 U.S.A
Riverside Int. Film Festival, California, 2011 U.S.A
Alabama Int. Film Festival, 2011, U.S.A
Interrobang Int. Film Festival, Iowa 2011, U.S.A
Anthem Libertarian Film Festival, Las Vegas 2011, U.S.A
Noor Int. Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2011 U.S.A
Ventura Film Festival, California 2011, U.S.A
Festival de Cine de los Derechos Humanos, Sucre 2011, Bolivia
Festival de Cine de Lima, 2011 Peru
Al Jazeera Int. Doc. Film Festival, 2011 Qatar

TRAILER – Un Tren a Pampa Blanca from KAFILMS on Vimeo.

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Hipolito (2011)


Governor’s elections are coming in Cordoba province. A big electoral fraud is being orchestrated. This trap will break Hipolito´s illusions, a boy who dreams to find his father. Only the naive ideals of a young lawyer, Marcelo, will rescue this kid from hell.

Director: Teodoro Ciampagna
OriginL Argentina (Córdoba)
Runtime:  100 min.
Format: HD/35 mm
Language: Spanish (English Subtitles)
Script: Teodoro Ciampagna – Javier Correa Cáceres
Cast: Tomás Gianola, Lucas Gamarra, Luis Brandoni, Enrique Liporace, Daniel Valenzuela, Pablo Tolosa

Hipólito – Trailer Oficial HD from Bronca Post on Vimeo.

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Football & Violence (2010)


Trying to understand the origin and the present of football violence in Argetina is difficult but not impossible.

Professionals in disciplines close to the sport, or officials in the area, as Victor Hugo Morales, Eduardo Galeano, Enrique Macaya Marquez, Roberto Fontanarrosa, Carlos Avila, Mario Gallina, Alejandro Fabbri, Juan Pablo Varsky, Mariano Berges, and Angel Sanchez, among others give us his insightful opinion. And risk solutions

This film highlights the issue as a network process, with political factors in play, and with the active participation of the leadership of the clubs, give birth to the Argentinas hooligans.

Director: Pablo Tesoriere
Country: Argentina
Format: Color
Length: 104 min
Interviews: Víctor Hugo Morales – Enrique Macaya Márquez – Juan Pablo Varsky – Alejandro Fabbri – Eduardo Galeano – Roberto Fontanarrosa – Gustavo López – Ángel Sánchez – Mario Gallina – Mariano Berges – Felipe Solá – Carlos Ávila – Daniel Rofman – Luis Ilarregui – Orlando Barone – Darío Mendelsohn – Carlos de los Santos – Marcelo Parrilli – Pablo Alabarces – Gustavo Grabía – Martín Lapadú – Juan Carlos Blanco – Raúl Gámez – Fernando Lepori – Delia Bisutti – Gustavo Veiga – Carlos Delfrade – Sergio Levinsky – Nicolás Martínez Dalske – Horacio Usandizaga – Salvador Azerrad – Daniel Souto – Mónica Nizzardo – Liliana García – Nora Roussoulis – Norma Roldán – Linda Vázquez – Juan Manuel Lugones

Fútbol Violencia S.A, trailer del documental de Pablo Tesoriere from Pablo Tesoriere on Vimeo.

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Clubbing De Caravana (2010)

Juan Cruz, an upper class photographer has to take some pictures in a concert of one of the most popular singers of Cordoba, La Mona Jimenez. In this environment, full of unusual customs for him, he will discover another world when he meets Sara. A young and attractive woman. Together they will live a love story which will lead them to a thrilling journey of adventures.

Director: Rosendo Ruiz
Origin: Argentina
Time: 90 min
Language: Spanish (English subtitles)
Cast: Francisco Colija, Yohana Pereyra, Martin Rena, Rodrigo Savina, Gustavo Almada

* Festival Recontres Cinémas D’Amerique Latine de Toulouse 2011 (Sección Panorama)
* Filmfest Hamburg 2011 (Sección Vitrina)
* Warsaw Film Festival 2011 (Sección Free Spirit)
* 18º Festival Internacional de Cine de Valdivia

* Premio CINECOLOR a la Mejor Película elegida por el Publico (Mar del Plata 2011)
* Mención FESAL al Mejor Director (Mar del Plata, 2011)

[Gallery not found].

De Caravana – Trailer Oficial HD from Bronca Post on Vimeo.

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Amateur (2011)

In the mid-20th century, the success of the Super 8 format paved the way to home movies.

The ordinary man had the possibility to make his own, amateur, movies for the first time. This particularly affected Jorge Mario, a dentist from a small rural town in Argentina, who at the age of 10 attended to the shooting of the pampa-western “Way of a Gaucho” by Jaques Tourneur.

Today, at the age of 70 and 40 years since the making of his own amateur western “Winchester Martín”, this self taught filmaker wants to shoot his own remake.

Argentina – Color – 76 min. – Documentary

Director: Néstor Frenkel
Script: Néstor Frenkel
Cast:Jorge Mario – Ofelia Graziano de Mario

* 13º BAFICI, Buenos Aires
* 15º FIDOCS, Santiago de Chile
* 15º Festival de Cine de Lima, Perú
* 6º DOCSDF, México
* 5º Muestra Cine Argentino en Leipzig, Alemania
* 10º Tandil Cine
* 18º Festival Latinoamericano de Rosario
* 4º Festival Cine del Mar, Punta del Este, Uruguay
* 8º Muestra Piriápolis de Película, Uruguay
* 1º Festival de Cine Online “Comunidad Zoom”

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dulce de leche

Follow Luis & Anita in this Argentinian indie charmer about young love. After a chance meeting the teenage couple’s relationship blossoms into intimacy. However, an unexpected pregnancy throws their school life into fits.

Read in Spanish

Origin: Argentina
Year: 2011dulce de leche-poster
Runtime: 84 min
Genre: Drama
Director: Mariano Gelparín
Script: Martín Greco & Mariano Gelparín
Production: Omar Jadur, Sebastian Perillo, Mariano Gelparín
Music: Fabián Picciano
Photography Director: Diego Robaldo
Art Director: Lorena Ventimiglia
Cast: Ailín Salas, Camilo Cuello Vitale, Marcos Rauch, Nairana Awada, Luis Ziembrowski, Florencia Raggi

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Together (2009)

TOGETHER is the tale on how two Scots-Italian brothers, Andrea and Luca Prodan, ended up in Argentina, with years apart. With the band Sumo, Luca became a major rock star in Argentina till his sudden death in 1987. Some time after Andrea gave up a promising acting career in Italy and moved to his beloved brother’s Argentina. Now Andrea is working as a performer and radio DJ. He goes on a trip through the country playing music and spotting new talent. On the journey Andrea is constantly confronted with the memories of his legend brother, which makes him start asking questions about his own and his family’s destiny.

Argentina / Denmark – Color – Documentary – 58 min – HD

Director: Jannik Splidsboel
Andrea Prodan – Cissie Prodan – Michela Prodan – Marcos Rode

Music: LOOP (text and music by Andrea Prodan) – LULLABY (text and music by Andrea Prodan) – SUCIO Y DESPROLIJO (text and music by Pappo) – LIBERTANGO (text and music by Astor Piazzolla) – GOING UP THE COUNTRY (text and music by Alan Wilson/Canned Heat) – CADA DIA (text and music by Andrea Prodan) – TELEPHONES RINGING IN EMPTY ROOMS (text and music by Andrea Prodan)

* Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Indepentiente, 2008
* Odense FF, 2007

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The Rati Horror Show (2010)

Screen Shot 2012-07-07 at 12.52.45 PM

“The Rati Horror Show” is a documentary portraying the dramatic story of Fernando Ariel Carrera, an ordinary man unjustly convicted to 30 years of prison –not by mistake but deliberately- by means of manipulation of a Judicial Case.The movie takes as a central point the way in which the Fernando Carrera’s case was set up: the manipulation and alteration of evidence at the scene; the manipulation by the police of the testimonies of the few witnesses called to declare; the manipulation of National Media by Rubén Maugeri, key witness and president of the 34th Precinct Friends Association. On the other hand, we show how Fernando Carrera lives his days inside prison, knowing he is another victim of police excesses and a Legal System that unjustly convicted him.



Argentina – Color – 97 min – Documentary – English Subtitles

Director: Enrique Piñeyro
Participants: Enrique Piñeyro – Germán Cantore – Agustín Negrussi – Andrés Bagg
Artistic production & Investigative reporting: Pablo Galfré
Executive Producer: Silvina Dell’Occhio
Photography: Sol Lopatín
Art Director: Lorena Maggi
Sound Technician: Catriel Vildosola
Sound Editor: Diego Martínez Rivero
Editing & 3D image: Santiago Svirsky
Director assistant: Mariano Biasín
Director 2nd Assistant: Pablo Ottonello
Production director: Juan Pablo Miller
Production team: Leonardo Polesel, Matías Carlesi, Luciana Demadonna

El Rati Horror Show from KAFILMS on Vimeo.

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Angels of Rio ( 2009)

Detective Bechara Jahlk is the most famous private eye in Brazil, specialising in ‘corporate crime’ and employing a team of young female agents.

This documentary follows the case brought to Jahlk’s attention by a 68-year-old import-export entrepreneur, a divorced workaholic who suspects a link between his company and drug-trafficking in Rio’s harbour and fears that his son Luiz might be involved. At 26 and loaded with cash, Luiz is a junior executive in his father’s business and lives life in Rio’s fast lane.

Discretion is paramount, so Jahlk sends in his ‘angels’ Natasha, Julia and Tania, armed with sophisticated surveillance equipment, to infiltrate Luiz’s social network and uncover any criminal activity.

The agents quickly establish evidence of Luiz’s drug use. In recorded conversations, some names pop up, giving the agents more leads to follow – Marcelo the drug courier, Claudio the drug dealer, former drug dealer-turned-agent Ze Carlos, right-wing extremist group the Integralistas and former torturer and policeman JC.

The investigation takes the agents into the favelas, undercover in Rio’s port, to nightclubs, restaurants, motels and Sao Paulo and back, giving insights into the case, Luiz’s life and contemporary Brazilian society.

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Air Force Incorporated (2006)

This film is based on the real life experience of the director as a former airline pilot, who acted and directed WHISKY ROMEO ZULU, a feature film that recreates in fictional fashion the events preceding the air crash on August 31 1999 on a LAPA Boeing 737 which went on flames after crashing into a mound in midtown Buenos Aires and caused the death of 67 people.

Between 1997 and 1999 more people died in planes that in the precedent 27 years. From this point, the director shows the behind-the-scenes of the disastrous state of civil aviation in Argentina. Much of this is due to the inexplicable situation by means of which civil aviation is entirely militarized and under total control of the Air Force since the last military coup thirty years ago

With hidden cameras in the control tower and 3D animation to convey the true version of two fatal air crashes in Argentina. The film shows several emergencies provoked by the inefficient of the system in real time. The director (an aircraft accident investigator himself) points out on how corruption within the Air Force is directly affecting air safety.

In this documentary we can see and understand many incredible close calls of aircraft on the verge of a fuel emergency and almost hit by rockets, and the recordings of their real conversations, it includes television footage depicting corruption of Air Force officials poses a strong forewarning:  the latent failures that causes the Austral and Lapa accidents are still intact.

Argentina – Color – 80 min. – 35 mm/HDCAM – Documentary

Director: Enrique Piñeyro
Executive Producer: Verónica Cura
Script: Enrique Piñeyro
Cinematography: Ramiro Civita, Marcelo Lavintman
Editors: Germán Cantore, Lorenzo Bombicci, Alejandro Brodersohn
Sound: Marcos de Aguirre
Music: Eduardo Criscuolo

Fuerza Aérea Sociedad Anónima — Trailer from Aquafilms on Vimeo.

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Gate 12

Documentary that investigates in the tragedy that occurred in the Door 12 of River Plate stadium, June 23, 1968, during a soccer match developed among the owner of house and its eternal rival one, Boca Juniors.

In a Monumental stadium filled, the visiting supporters occupied the tribunal that gives to the Av. Figueroa Alcorta.

A bored encounter, that finish zero to zero, in a very cold late, perhaps announced the tragedy that approached.

It concluded the party the supporters of Boca Juniors began to be withdrawn in the middle strong canticles, what collaborate to the development of the events. So much song impeded to listen the shouts of the ones that already were trapped, immobilized, seeking an air that never would arrive them, crushed by the pressure of the ones that they continued wanting to descend.

The L section (used to be door 12) is a tunnel of 80 steps, not too wide, and was that the place transformed into a death trap for hundreds of supporters, that fell, they were trampled, literally crushed by the flood of people.

They were hundreds the injured, and were 71 the lives that were lost.

Which were the true reasons that unchained the facts? Almost forty years later, the doubts persist…..And the only appreciable change is that the Door 12 no longer exists, by the simple resource to rename it as Door L.

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A small incident over two neighbors common wall sparks a conflict which affects the intimacy of the view over the chimney; the protagonist sparks a conflict and with paranoiac obsession destroys everyday life.

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OrigIN: ArgentinaHombre de al lado poster
Runtime: 110 minutes
Genre: Drama
Director: Gastón Duprat, Mariano Cohn
Script: Andres Duprat
Music: Sergio Pangaro
Editing: Klaus Borges, Jerónimo Carranza
Special Efects: Franco Burattini
Executive Producer: Maria Belén de la Torre
Production Company: Aleph Media, INCAA
Cast: Rafael Spregelburd, Daniel Aráoz, Eugenia Alonso, More
Awards: Sundance Film Festival Excellence in Cinematography Award: World Cinema Dramatic

El Hombre de al Lado (Trailer) from KAFILMS on Vimeo.

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