Water Lola

A woman lays in a hospital bed. A plastic tube feeds her and an other one let her breath. She is Lola (31) and has been on a coma for the last three years after after she attempted to commit suicide. Suddenly she wake up. In a villa in Acapulco in front of the pacific ocean, Douglas (50), a therapist who uses a cane to walk due to a disability, has his healing center. His patients and guests live all together there. Douglas’s methods are unorthodox but people seems to be fascinated and dazzled. Eduardo (35) is a frustrated writer who has been hired by Douglas to write his memoirs. He attends astonished to the therapeutic rituals and has long chats with Douglas in order to sketch out the book. Eduardo gets isolated trying to decipher the enigmatic personality of his host. At night, when everyone is sleeping, Douglas gets out of the villa in a limousine an assists to a table dance weird show played by Julia, a young and beautiful dancer. The private show ends up when Julia surrounds …

Gengre: Drama/Fiction
Origin: Spain/Mexico
Runtime: 96′
Aspect Ratio:  2.35:1
Director: Miguel Gómez Catalán
Cast: Olfa Masmoudi, Miquel Insua, Ricardo Reynaud