Marisa en los bosques

Marisa feels that she is the supporting actress of her own life. She has no job, no projects, no prospects for the future. She looks away from her own life’s downfall to become the rescuer of her best friend Mina, who is immersed in a desperate crisis after the break-up of her relationship with Salvador. When she tries to get help from other friends, she only finds more lives adrift. Then, some unexpected news breaks the difficult balance of her life, and Marisa can only find comfort in the city nightlife. She is ready to disappear, silent and quietly, like fading into black.

Gengre: Comedy/drama
Origin: Spain
Runtime: 83′
Aspect Ratio:  2.35:1
Director: Antonio Morales
Cast: Patricia Jordá, Aida de la Cruz, Mauricio Bautista