Water Lola

A woman lays in a hospital bed. A plastic tube feeds her and an other one let her breath. She is Lola (31) and has been on a coma for the last three years after after she attempted to commit suicide. Suddenly she wake up. In a villa in Acapulco in front of the pacific ocean, Douglas (50), a therapist who uses a cane to walk due to a disability, has his healing center. His patients and guests live all together there. Douglas’s methods are unorthodox but people seems to be fascinated and dazzled. Eduardo (35) is a frustrated writer who has been hired by Douglas to write his memoirs. He attends astonished to the therapeutic rituals and has long chats with Douglas in order to sketch out the book. Eduardo gets isolated trying to decipher the enigmatic personality of his host. At night, when everyone is sleeping, Douglas gets out of the villa in a limousine an assists to a table dance weird show played by Julia, a young and beautiful dancer. The private show ends up when Julia surrounds …

Gengre: Drama/Fiction
Origin: Spain/Mexico
Runtime: 96′
Aspect Ratio:  2.35:1
Director: Miguel Gómez Catalán
Cast: Olfa Masmoudi, Miquel Insua, Ricardo Reynaud





Gustavo (Héctor Morales), commercial engineer, and Dolores (Elisa Zulueta), journalist specialized in politics who works in a prestigious magazine, are a very formal couple, who have been married for eight years, apparently without relevant problems. Pedro (Tiago Correa), a creative and nice man but bad for business, is Gustavo’s best friend. His partner is Camila (Daniela Ramírez), a model who, after the age of 30, has spent the last four months attending dozens of castings without getting a job. Faced with the economic difficulties of Pedro and Camila, at a meal at the home of Dolores and Gustavo, the latter invites them to live with them while they improve their financial problems. After a night of confidence and a lot of alcohol, they make an unexpected exchange of couples. The relationship is not the same again and even more complicated when Dolores becomes pregnant. Doubts about fatherhood provoke an absurd rivalry between friends. Forced to live together, they must resolve …

Gengre: Romantic Comedy
Origin: Chile
Runtime: 90′
Aspect Ratio:  2.35:1
Director: Luis Smok
Cast: Elisa Zulueta, Héctor Morales, Daniela Ramírez



Mariana is a woman who has dedicated her entire life to equine therapy that goes over the history of how she came to that. In her youth she lived a happy and prosperous life until a particular episode leads her to have to face millionaires debts. This situation can lead to being left homeless and especially without their horses, among which stands out Artax, the only being with which his son Bruno with Asperger’s syndrome manages to have a special bond that helps him to cope with his life with harmony. Mariana must fight against wind and tide in this story of struggle and resilience sustained by the love of a mother and her son.

Gengre: Drama/Romance
Origin: Chile
Runtime: 80′
Aspect Ratio:  2.35:1
Director: Diego Corsini
Cast:  Celeste Cid, Gonzalo Valenzuela, Mercedes Morán

Another forever

Alice’s life has been filled both with great joy and bitter disappointment. She has persevered because of love. The love she shares with one man, a man that has made it all worthwhile, until the unthinkable happens. Completely shattered, Alice embarks on a journey to find herself, taking us from the depths of despair to the wonders of the world, reclaiming her life and rediscovering her soul.

Genre: Drama
Origin: USA/Germany
Language: English
Runtime: 72′
Director: Juan Zapata
Cast: Daniela Escobar, Marlon Moreno, Peter Ketnath