As an International Sales Agency, we perform a wide range of services which include.


Where and how shall a film be promoted? Yes buddy, not all films are Cannes or Berlinale worthy. So don’t waist your energy pursuing dead end’s. There is an audience and a market of your film. We’ll help you find it!

Right's & Territories

Licensing rights and territories is a skill, they should be perfectly align in order to maximize your film’s exposure. A mix of interested licensors from the highest to the lowest bidder works best.


Tired of not getting any feedback from other “Distributors”. Sounds familiar? Our response time is 48 hs or less depending on your geographical location.


We seek transparency above all things. We won’t license a film without your consent. Documentation with offers are available upon request.


Time is of essence! Your film competes with other 50,000 films being produced Worldwide each year, We need to move fast and secure as many licensing agreements within the first 6 moths of work.

Film Markets

Though there is a big deal of traveling to film markets Worldwide, We are not your travel agency! We’ll promote your film via Screenings at Film Markets & Festivals, but only your film get’s a ride. This takes time, money and a great deal of airline millage.


In need for an Errors & Omissions Insurance? USA Copyright Certificate? Title Search? Title Report? Other? Simple shoot us an email with any request, we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

All Screens

We work with all platforms and all type of screens. (Theatrical, SVOD, Premium Cable, Basic Cable, Free TV, Onboard Entertainment)

Cloud Based CRM

  • Cloud Based Film Management System.
  • Licensing track record
  • Mobile Ready Layout


  • Encrypted CRM with 24hs backups
  • Secure you Film Financials
  • Upload all legal documentation


  • Film Sales Pipeline mobile friendly
  • Cashflow and Financials
  • See the big picture


  • Financial Results available ad-hoc 24/7
  • Film title reports
  • Film Licensing History

What is Film Modo? A comprehensive platform that integrates every aspect of your film’s management and distribution functions.

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