Moacir III

The third and last part of the trilogy where we see Moacir as a film director: the film and the scenes that Moacir conceives and shoots – scenes entertained, tragic, dramatic and romantic – with its particular cinematic and aesthetic style. On the other hand, we see the behind the scenes of the construction of this film: a documentary that shows Moacir conducting his fictions, in everyday familiar situations.
Country: Argentina, Brazil
Language: Spanish/Portuguese
Runtime: 87′
Release date: August 10th, 2017
Director: Tomás Lipgot

Media Article: LA NACION

Agosto Final – (Final August)

A passionate and passionate investigation into the mysterious story of love and death that starred the millionaire writer Raul Baron Biza and the actress and aviator of Swiss origin Myriam Stefford who died in an air tragedy on August 26, 1931.
agosto final small

Genre: Documentary
Availability: Worldwide
Director: Eduardo L. Sanchez
Origin: Argentina
Runtime: 100 min
Language: Spanish, Italian and English
Production year 2016

The Great Pretender

René Lavand is a world-famous Argentinean illusionist specializing in card tricks. He creates his illusions with his left hand only, having lost his right hand in an accident when he was only a child. Far from letting himself be overcome by this incident, he devoted himself to master the sleight of hand and would turn into one of the greatest illusionists of all times. However, the power of his shows does not lie in his physical peculiarities but in the astonishing stories that frame his illusions and his masterful use of pause and silence as a dramatic element.
The Great Pretender is the warm, laid-back and intimate portrait of a unique artist who, at times, seems to lay his masks down and reveal his true self.
simulador small
Origin: Argentina
Type: Documentary
Year: 2013
Director: Néstor Frenkel
Script: Néstor Frenkel
Production assistant: Sofía Mora
Music: Gonzalo Córdoba
Art Director: Román Marotta
Cámara & Photography: Guillermo Nieto – María Laura Collasso – Diego Poleri
Sound: Fernando Vega – Hernán Gerard
Video FX Mario Pavez
Co Producers: Carla Martínez y Daniel Werner

Moacir (2011)

Moacir is Brazilian and an Argentine citizen for the last 25 years. He is semi-literate and despite possessing no formal musical training, is bearer of an amazing talent for singing. Moacir is made of music. He also talks a lot, eats a lot, dance a lot, laughs a lot, everything in him is “a lot”. That is why he have spent much of his life locked up in mental institutions. At age 65, with a psychiatric diagnosis of “paranoid schizophrenia”, Moacir seemed to be a typical case of chronic patients. However, after 15 years of hospitalization, is granted freedom and leaves the Borda Psychiatric Hospital.

This story follows his passionate journey to fulfill her greatest wish, recording an album with themes of authorship (which were lost for over 25 years). The artist and musician Sergio Pángaro will follow Moacir’s Journey. All this and much else will happen while fighting the ghosts of madness and marginalization, a journey full of fanfare, singing, dancing, fighting, chaos, humor and charm.

Director: Tomás Lipgot.
Producer: Nadia Martínez
Year: 2011
Runtime: 75 min
Format: Video HD
Origin: Argentina
Language: Spanish (French & English Subtitles)
Script: Javier Zevallos sobre una idea de Tomás Lipgot
Original Music: Moacir dos Santos, arreglada por Sergio Pángaro e Interpretada por el grupo “La lija”
[vimeo 32671311 w=600 h=425]

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